Roofing Services

We provide a range of roofing services depending on your business requirements: our industrial roofing services is sure to have a solution that works for you.


Asbestos Roof Removal

LH Roofing are specialists in dealing with asbestos roofs cost-effectively and safely.   more  

Industrial Roofing

We design, fabricate, supply and install a variety of industrial roofing systems as well as flashings, gutters, roof lights and more.  more  


From small garage roofs to a large commercial project, we can reinstate or refit a poorly fitted roof, or expand an industrial unit.  more  

Roof Maintenance

Maintaining and servicing your roof is vital to prevent leaks, and is required to protect and maintain your roof.  more  

Gutter Maintenance

We offer regular maintenance and maximise durability, to minimise the chances of potential overspill or leakage in the future.  more  

Skylight Refurbishment

LH Roofing provide a complete skylight refurbishment service. We can clean the glass, replace glass, or replace entire skylights as necessary.  more